Christina Rossetti – A Level analysis revision guide, By Charlotte Unsworth

It may be August but A Level students are always being harangued to start revision early. Whilst you may not be in the frame of mind to begin that undertaking just yet, why not make a productive start to the new academic year by buying your revision books and resources in preparation?

Since the over haul of A level courses from September 2015 (affecting the English Literature syllabus) new teaching and revision tools are in great demand. Whist teachers often say using a revision book is only as helpful as the user is willing to make of it, I highly recommend a perusal of Charlotte Unsworth’s revision guide to Christina Rossetti’s anthology of poetry for OCR A Level literature.

An academic, writer, critical analyst, teacher of the OCR spec, blogger and overall English extraordinaire, Unsworth has applied her literary skills and interest in poetry to a concise, simple and methodical revision guide for Rossetti’s fascinating poetry complete with interpretations and analysis.

Unsworth works through the anthology in a systematic way, remaining conscious of those specific assessment objectives in order to attain highly informed, critically interpreted and insightful analysis (favoured skills for A*-A grade students). What’s more, Unsworth’s guide is full of contextual information to fuel the overwhelming AO3 focus on context, in which no less than 50% of marks are to be gained. Helpfully, each poem finds connections with others in terms of overreaching themes, language techniques and comparisons in structure and form, highlighting inter-textual themes, for example and provoking the student to spot comparisons  with their designated pre-1900 drama text. (AO4)

Needless to carry on with marketing this product, Unsworth’s independently produced revision guide is an essential for A Level literature students and is available for a modest £5 on her website as a PDF download (2MB).

This guide has eased my poetry perplexity and in the spirit of Rossetti, I feel as though…

‘My heart is like a singing bird…

Because the birthday of my life

Is come, my love is come to me!’

Purchase from her website:

Christina Rossetti – AS and A Level analysis revision guide

Visit her website:




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